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My Journey with God Arise & Shine Edition

My Journey with God Arise & Shine Edition

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My Journey with God Arise & Shine Edition takes you step-by-step on a 30-day consecration journey alone with God. It uses a system of personal accountability in the Word of God and prayer. The 2021 edition has been totally revised into a modular format. Each day has a distinct theme from the Bible and includes transformational teachings, stories, historical examples, and a personal journal of spiritual exercises.

Each day alone with God you learn how to immerse yourself in His presence. You follow a Bible-reading schedule. You complete assignments focused on your spiritual development. As the Holy Spirit comes, your life becomes vibrant. You become more like Christ in your daily walk. Faith is real. Fear is gone. Hope has come alive. Death has lost its power. You are becoming a real Christian!

My Journey with God has had a transformational effect on Christians in many nations for decades as Bishop Boone has discipled generations of high school and college students, business men and women, pastors, parents, leaders, and missionaries with lasting Christ-like character. Many have become high achievers in academia, church, civil government, the military, and sports. Their marriages are lasting and filled with love. Their children are strong and successful. 

Bishop Boone's teachings are so inspiring and transformational that your focus shifts away from the news, your problems, and your daily distresses to the place where God lives, the realm of eternity. As you learn to focus on God and the real world of eternity,  you develop moral strength. You learn secrets of spiritual growth that will last a lifetime. You learn how to forgive yourself and others because God has forgiven you. You are confident that you will please God when you face Him in that Great Day because you are learning to please Him every day.

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