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Every Family Is a World Collection

Every Family Is a World Collection

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Every family creates its own world and love is the motivational force that makes it go. The origin of the family goes all the way back to Creation and the family represents life as we will know it in eternity. Beginning in Genesis, Bishop Boone builds an exciting picture of every family’s unlimited potential to create a training ground for greatness, in this world and the next.

This Collection is the complete set of six audio messages by Bishop Wellington Boone.

CD 1. Your Family’s Unlimited Potential
You were made by the handiwork of God

CD 2. The Bible Backs Your Greatness
God’s Word is the eternal foundation for your family

CD 3. Your Origins Tell You Who You Are
Everyone came from somewhere and ultimately came from God

CD 4. Be a Man in Your Home, Not Just a Male
Every man cultivates godly standards for his home with God alone

CD 5. Your Family’s Spiritual Assignment
Character training for future success is built in the home

CD 6. A Family Full of Love and Pleasing God
When your identity comes from Christ you understand true love

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